28 December 2005

at least I cleaned the house

In a fit of panic over grad school issues (why won't they let me register??) I went online to find a soothing picture of the sweater I WILL (I swear) knit from the Sensations Dolcetto my Dear Lisa sent me. For some reason I 1. Need to see the darn thing in something other than Burnt Orange, and 2.knew there would be issues with the sweater. Its not that I'm psychic...its just too pretty a thing not to have issues.

#2 First: There is a correction to the pattern (added here as I will lose the link later, I am sure). Thank God I saw it because I know I would have thought it was me. Sad thing? It probably will be me. I spent several torturous hours last night trying to read through the math in SNBN on how to imagine/re-size/gage a sweater pattern based on, well, the pattern. I think I will need the mad genius of my DH to be able to figure it out, though.

Onward to #1! Yay! I found a knit-a-long (KAL) for it. I have spent all day trying to decide if this is a good thing or a dorky thing. From the dear sweaters' point of view, it is a good thing. To have 2 sleeves the same length? Hmm, yes, good. But participating in such a thing? I don't like blogs, I don't like communities, and I sure don't like clubs. But oh! so tempting...
I have absolutely no interest in cataloging books today. Mmmmm...yarn...


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