14 April 2006

Some thoughts, which led to here, and this.

I haven't posted here for ages. I have a journal (not a blog) that I've had since '01 and I've used quite a bit or not at all, depending on the the day. I've been reading a lot of blogs--specifically knit blogs--since the Knitting Olympics a few months ago, and I felt...a bit constrained by my baby journal.

My baby journal?

Not about babies, mind you, but a baby in my heart. One where I can look back (when not fealing squeamish) and relive the follies of my youth. Or the joys, or the triumphs, or other such twaddlely things. I can't leave my baby, but I can't bring her with me into the online knit community. So here is what happened (or: the story of how this girl got a blog) :

So, the Yarn Harlot blog sent me to this one, which I had frequented a time or two before, but cleverly fail to bookmark. I was reading her post on blogging instead of getting ready for work, which caused a great deal of thinking (about the blog, not the avoiding dressing). So, in what I can only imagine is the behavior of a crazy stalking nut, I emailed her. I had a few questions on blogs (such as: "I've wondered since if there's a blog etiquette I should be following either before or after commenting? Or should I not comment at all unless I know you? Do you want people to announce themselves, or do you expect to already know them?") These questions primarily address any Yarn Harlot comments I've made, but also, I hope, serve to prevent future horrible embarassment as I navigate the new (to me) world of knitblogs.

I then jumped in with the real meat, trying to cypher out what the hell to do with the baby journal. (ex: "In your blog, how do you juggle what's personal life and what's knitlife? Do you have a personal one somewhere to vent") Then, I proceeded to explain that I wasn't some crazy stalking nut, but rather a wholesome and well-adjusted nut that hasn't figured out what in the hell to do.

Fast forward a short time, and I get a wonderful email back from Cassie. From her well-thought-out reply (and right before Passover, too!) I have finally realized that the baby journal is just that—a journal. The knit-heavy posts of late were kinda pointing in the general knitterly direction, yet I was really worried about babyjournal's past (a journal with a misbegotten youth? strange, but true). As I've said, I don't want a horrid Too Much Information moment from 2001 to completely mar the me of today. And sadly, there are many examples of such.

I thought, really and truly that I didn't need both. I thought that I could just be hapy with a me journal, and not feel like I needed a public forum for knitting. Today, thoroughly secure in this knowledge I completely and utterly changed my mind. And here I am.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger NeedleTart said...

Hi! Would you like the recipe for Passover "mac" and cheese? For years I have been trying to find things the kinder will eat. Last night Elder child (who wishes to remain nameless in blogland) said there are a lot of foods he likes for Passover. The Baby still whines and pules about keeping Pesach in the house, but, hey, after 18 years you think he'd be over it. Bonnie


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