22 April 2006

on fans and embarrassment

Guess what I did today?

No, really, guess!!

I got to see Stephanie.

Let's just pretend, for a moment, that I didn't completely geek out and say really stupid stuff. Like, "when I got an email from you once, I told everyone I know. Even the ones that didn't care and didn't know who you are."

You're embarrassed for me, aren't you?

The talk she gave was every bit as funny as all the other blogs say she is.

A danger pic:

(If I was really clever, I would have a recognizable shot of her holding the Olympic Sweater. Lots of shots of light fixtures, ceiling, and floor. Ms. Harlot? Not so much.)

I got there early (to prevent wandering about the state of Mass, lost and unable to find anything remotely like Northampton. The likelihood I'd end up in NY or Vermont? Pretty high.) and got a good spot--both chair and parking. Aside from my camera flash being annoyingly close to her, it was a damn fine seat. The best part? I got to meet some really awesome knitters. As dorky as it sounds (note the theme here) I really really got a lot out of talking about knitting with complete strangers.

Friday night was the going away Happy Hour for my dear friend and Hot Librarian who is moving to Arizona. She is a friend, a carpool buddy, and the kind of librarian I want to grow up to be. Not only does she dress well (a seemingly unattainable goal of mine), she is amazing at her job. I will miss her much. The knitting-related point to my story is that I was desperately trying to finish a face cloth for her while we were out Happy Houring. Not only did I get somewhat frightened looks from my coworkers, I was at the stinky end of a few knitting-related jokes. At the Yarn Harlot talk? Not a single raised eyebrow, "funny" pun, or rolled eye. That, my friends, is sweet.

Did I mention that I got to meet Stephanie Pearl-McPhee?

That's DH's horridly ugly sock there modeling with Stephanie (can I call her Stephanie? Mrs. Harlot?). She was super awesome about posing with it, and she even held up its good side. I hope her sock isn't embarrassed to be seen with mine. I'd understand, really.


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