13 September 2006


Well, yesterday's super-fast dash-off of a post taught me a few things. First, I don't make a whole lot of sense when I'm in a hurry. (I wonder, now, what that homework I was doing looks like. *shudder*). Second, innocent play with Blogger templates is a Bad Idea. Losing the html for my rings is a bit of a pain, as it will take away from some knitting schoolwork time to dig them all up again. Worse, it makes me all kinds of frustrated with my computer illiterate self for not performing basic data saving techniques. What's even worse is that all this template playing has made me Dangerous. You know, in that just-enough-information-to-be-a-danger-to-yourself kind of way. I've been looking at all kinds of tutorials for creating your own templates, exploring different hosts (Typepad? Moveable Type? Other places that makes no sense to me, yet?) and generally slacking off at the high-stress zones of work and school. Told ya it was Danger, with a capital D.

So it is Wednesday and I *still* haven't said much about my weekend 'cept that I got a bunny (isn't he cute? I can't stop pulling that picture up. What's wrong with me?). We left late Friday, after 9 pm, and drove to the ancient (seriously) Snow Lake Lodge at Mt. Snow. I wasn't sure why we would do such a thing (this is a Mr. Cygknit plan in action), until Saturday morning when I figured out: Vermont is a very looooooong state.

We eventually made it through lots of (beautiful) back roads to get to the Vermont Sheep & Wool festival. For a description of said festival check out Jess and Jesse's blogs. What more can I say than what they have said so eloquently? Nothing. (Except: Didn't I take a good picture of Jess?)

I kinda came home with some stuff:

Requisite crappy picture

But not all of it is for me! The bag(s!) of roving in the back are for Mr. Cygknit. No, really! He has been playing with wool, in all kinds of special ways that deserve their very own post. The smaller bag with lots of colors is for needle felting, because "knitting and then felting is just too slow." The bag of roving (I forgot what it is, do you remember Jess?) was something he fell in love with, and I'm considering having *him* learn how to spin it up.

The two mushroom shaped blobs of color are silk caps, which I have NO IDEA how to spin (yet). But that's beside the point. It's soft! And silky! Finally, the yarn in the center bottom came from Kaleidoscope Yarns, and is for my mom's shawl. Which I forgot to blog about. Here! Have a picture!

What did I pick? Sivia Harding's Diamond Fantasy Shawl. [Edited to add: This picture is from her site. I should have mentioned that.] I DID get a comment today about another shawl, Kiri. What is so tempting about it? It is knit with oh-so-luscious Kidsilk Haze. Which I have been needing an excuse to buy. So, I'm not sure if I should thank you Spinning Fishwife, for providing me such a tempting choice or cry that I have to choose all over again!

Tangent over. So that yarn shown above is Cherry Tree Hill um, something or other. (This is what happens when you dash out the door in the morning after uploading a pic you want to blog about. No forethought here.) Finally, the rectangular thing in the middle of the crappy picture? A license plate holder that says "I'd rather be spinning." I am Such. A. Dork.

The rest of the weekend wasn't nearly so fiber-related, except...I drove through Rhinebeck. I drove through Rhinebeck, I saw the fairgrounds, and I would have looked for our hotel if I had even the smallest clue where I made the reservation. It occured to Mr. Cyknit on our drive home that my legedary ability to get myself totally and completely lost (and Dragon, in this case) might be helped with a little trip by next month's (!!!) destination. I should probably stop buying fiber until then, huh?


At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

Look like you picked up some great stuff in Vermont. Your mom's shawl looks beautiful so far. I love yarn you're using.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger Leigh said...

Sympathies for your blogger template problems. After several major template mess-ups I finally learned to keep a back up copy on my own computer. You're braver than I about wanting to design your own template however!

I love the colors of the stuff you brought back from Vermont. I have some potentially semi-useful info on spinning silk caps/bells on my May 10 blog post. Yours will make gorgeous yarn.

Your shawl pattern is gorgeous. I'm struggling to learn lace knitting so I will be interested in your progress on this one.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger swan/dragon said...

What did I tell you about buying more fiber before we go to Rhinebeck?
And why didn't this come up in the hour long conversation I had with you?
You are so dead.

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous JessaLu said...

Sorry I didn't give you credit on the picture-taking...I suck...

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Dawn said...

Now look what you've done. I went to check out diamond fantasy shawl (which I love) and ended up ordering 3 shawl patterns from Sivia Harding- diamond fantasy, shetland garden & follow the leader. It will be fun looking for the perfect yarns for these at Rhinebeck. Thanks :o)

At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Jo said...

I love Cherry Tree Hill Yarns. And I see it's in your favorite colors - again!

Check the Harlot's blog - I think she did that shawl and had some tips posted...


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