28 August 2006

Hold on tight...

...there may just be an FO in the future.

Sunday morning, 9 AM: With one cup of coffee in me and another cooling in the mug, I continue Saturday evening's joyous casting off of the damn afghan.

Sunday, 9:45AM: After forty-five excrutiating minutes (mostly involving preventing the Olive from hopping into my lap) I cast off the last stitch. Much rejoicing ensues, immediately followed by a trip to the bathroom (having refused until I cast off the last stitch).

Sunday, 5:40 PM: Having successfully ignored the afghan all day in favor of a visit to an open-air market at a local Mansion, (I bought wool! And organic taters! In the rain!) I sat down to weave in a few ends.

Sunday, 6:20 PM: Successfully posted pictures of my new baby. Wove in an end or two.

Sunday, 8:40 PM: After diving through a small trash can's worth of now-used tissues in an attempt to retrieve all the ends I've woven in (for a clever picture), I return the afghan to see how many more of the flippin' things I have left (I washed my hands. Ewww.) Found 1 (one) end left to sew in.

Sunday, 8:45 PM: Still staring at the afghan in shock.

Sunday, 8:47 PM: Resigned myself that Dragon is right, it will look better with a crocheted edging.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger swan/dragon said...

At least crochet is fast, fast, fast. And if you had any really good friends in close proximity, they'd do it for you.
If you wanted to wait until the end of October, then I'd be that friend, but I think you want the hated thing out of your home asap. Please, tell me that is the case.
Congrats on the afghan. I knew you could do it.

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous JessaLu said...

I'm pretty close (closer than dragon, anyway) but I won't do/don't do/loathe the hook. Sorry, but not even for you ;o)

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

Well your almost there. That's somthing right? I'd help help you out but like Jess I hate the hook! I've tried to make friends with it but it just isn't going to happen!

At 7:35 PM, Blogger NeedleTart said...

Congrats! Now, I have this 10-year-old and counting knitted raised leaf afghan in Red Heart yarn (I was young, well sort of, and it complimented the new wall paint in the bedroom) any motivation you can offer?


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