08 May 2006

Thanks to all that offered sage sock advice. I think I'm still recovering from the amazing load o' information on gusset holes, but some information has sunk in, and I hope to put it to good use in the amazingly near future. Until today, I really only thought that a sock morons like me made 'em and all you clever people out there had figured out some trick that I was just not bright enough to see. This may seem silly to you, but I'll have you know that it was quite the revelation when I was told that when you M1 you're supposed to knit through the back of the loop. It was not unlikely that this would be the case with gussets. At the very least, I am not the only one with this sock problem, and am not alone in my confusion. This goes a long way in self-esteem land, I assure you.

Tomorrow is a Library conference, and it seems it is the perfect place to work on said sock. There's been some buzz about knitting in conferences, but as my Director has said she doesn't mind...well, I can make the call. I recently knit at a large training session (with her prior approval). It was amazingly boring, dark, and too warm, and I watched many people doze off. I sat in the back row, my sock under a table, and knit (and repeatedly frogged) the gussest of the bumblebee sock all day. I would put down the sock and take notes on the rare occasion I needed to. I hope it was less annoying for the speaker to see my wee wooden needles rather than me dozing in the aisles. I expect most of the sessions tomorrow to be much the same as the training, except with more light.

Its just that I've had lots of gender/identity stuff in my head the last few days. Some of it had to do with this post, while other bits have to do with the whole Librarian stereotype. What kind do I want to be? Frumpy? In denim dresses with kitties embroidered on them? Sexy, hot librarian? But one who knits? Ohhh, my. Not sure what that stereotype says.


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous JessaLu said...

You're welcome on the advice, I hope it helps :o)

I find knitting helps me listen and focus better - however, RR would like to argue that point ;o)

At 1:27 PM, Anonymous eskimo said...

What sort of librarian are you? You are the sexy, hot librarian, and all of your admirers will want you to knit them socks as a token of your affection. Socks with glorious holes in the gussets. But gender identity? What's that about? If it's regarding babies, who the heck cares what the kid wears, as long as his mother breast feeds in public with a lovely knit coverlet over her? I firmly believe that a mother's lack of a need for some sort of privacy infringes upon my civil rights in some way. No stranger's boobs for me, please, and I don't care what that says about me. Kids will wear what you put them in, as long as they are young enough to not understand a button.

At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

There's no reason why you can't be a sexy, hot knitting kind of librarian. Just stay away from the denim dresses with the kitties on them and you'll be ok.

At 12:01 AM, Blogger NeedleTart said...

As for that denim dress with the kitties: I once took my mother to the Dr. (around Halloween) and I was wearing a dress with a kittie and a pumpkin on it. Said my loving Mother, "She has to dress this way, she's a teacher." Be the kind of librarian that inspires us to read. Wear what makes you happy!


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