26 May 2006


I've been feeling the knitting ennui lately, but I just couldn't bring myself to write about it.

I haven't really had the desire to knit, lunch break knitting aside. The first boot sock for Father's Day is done (okay, okay, I haven't kitchenerd the toe) and the second bumblebee sock has a (reasonably) hole-free gusset. I tried a pattern from the new Interweave, but for the LIFE of me, couldn't get gauge. Aside from that? Eh.

I wonder if there's something horribly wrong with me.

[deleted: paragraph whining excessively about missing the blogger picnic at Cummington]

Leave me some goodies for Sunday, will ya?

Finally, (which may signal the near-end of ennui-related complaints), I'm beginning to figure out that some of this might have to do with an email I got recently. An old love, who I have (purposely) not looked upon the face of since 2001, wanted to "catch up." Mind you, this was one of those sob-into-the-pillow-every-night-while-listening-to-sad-Dave-Matthews-songs kind of end to our relationship. Not something I'm keen to dredge back up.

So how do I answer a question like "So what are you up to?" Oh, you know, I'm married, now. I live in a cottage, with two cats, on a pond, with swans and a waterfall. In New England. Oh, and I'm a Librarian now. In my spare time, I knit, and I'm learning to spin.

Stereotype, anyone?

(P.S. Thanks to all who gave birthday wishes to my sweetie. He blushed a great deal. And for the record, I AM a lucky girl.)


At 9:38 PM, Blogger NeedleTart said...

You could always tell him, "My life is so full and interesting, I wouldn't want to depress you by telling you about it, so let's be better strangers. But, hey, thanks for asking." Unless, of course, you want him to suffer.

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous JessaLu said...

I agree with needletart - definitely tell him that you are #1 too busy/happy to go into details and #2 are too busy/happy to ever give him a thought ;o)

Oh, and I left a few good things for you - there was some heavenly cashmere that Abi physically dragged me away from ;o)


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