14 June 2006


I have nothing to post about. My dad's second sock (for Father's Day) isn't done yet, and HAD to be mailed today to make it by Saturday. Whoops. I have a paper due tomorrow that I haven't started.

Not very exciting stuff, I say.

So, many thanks to Jess for posting a wee meme:

Take a look around you. Apart from your computer and its peripherals, and your computer desk/table/milk crate and chair, what, in order of their physical closeness, are the five things nearest to you right now?

1. Spine labels for a set of Shakespeare DVDs
2. A spool of stickers that proclaim "7 Day Loan"
3. A set of Shakespeare DVDs
4. A protractor
5. Cassette 4 of "The Hours" (returned solo)

A librarian's job IS exciting, isn't it?

Your turn, in comments here or on your blog :)

And Jess? Don't tempt me with toe-up lessons, or I may show up on your bear-ridden doorstep.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger NeedleTart said...

Hi! I am away from my home computer,but here are the five things nearest my friend's computer:
1. two small stuffed dinosaurs
2. National Geographic catalog
3. 2 cork coasters
4. Floor lamp
5. Basket full of yarn (really, I'm not at home!)

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous eskimo said...

1. A library of knitting books that rivals Books-A-Million, but not yet Barnes and Noble or Borders. Well, maybe Borders.;)
2. The best pair of shoes I ever owned (Aldos. They have the most comfy insoles EVER.)
3. The two inches of waistband I have finished for Yoshi's sweater, converted into the round.
4. Yoshi's acoustic guitar (which I don't think he learned how to play).
5. Yoshi. In jammies with little moose all over the pants.

Give us another one, Cyn!

At 5:27 PM, Anonymous JessaLu said...

oh it's bear-ridden alright. We had more visitors yesterday morning :o(

Seriously - I'm happy to teach :o) If I can teach little old ladies the magic loop I'm pretty sure I can get your head around toe-up *grin*


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