18 June 2006

Hey Pop,

Happy Father's Day. It was good to talk to you today. After I hung up, I looked at the phone and saw we had talked for seven seconds short of fifteen minutes. Not that long ago it was just three or four.

I don't know what to say to you, and I sure don't know what to buy for you. Something practical. Something important. But not too much. That card I bought for Father's Day in 2003? It is still on my desk. All those words are good and solid and what I really want to say...but can't. After all this time, its still akward, isn't it.

So I thought and thought of something practical (so you'd use it), of something inexpensive (so you wouldn't fuss at my "extravagent ways"), of something you might, maybe, like.

I thought, maybe, that since you still have on the wall that awful picture I painted when I was 10, you might like them.


At 2:27 AM, Anonymous Jo said...

They look very comfy! I hope he likes them.


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