05 July 2006

I thought of posting for a couple of days, but I just can't seem to put the spindle down. I itch for it when I'm at work (don't ask about work). I put off my schoolwork for just one spin (don't even ask about my group project). Both spindles are in action, with two different fibers. I could stop any time, you know. Really.

It occured to me while out with Jess (about three minutes before we were to leave) that the whole idea of angora bunnies is a good thing. A good thing. The whole free fiber concept, not to mention that I l-o-v-e the cute thingies. Maybe not the best reasons to acquire a life form, but there you are. In a rare flash of brilliance it occurs to me that perhaps I should buy some angora fiber and see if I like spinning it. Brilliant. I may not even be capable of spinning it, for all I know.

Misfit believes in the power of angora.

Of course, this was about three seconds before he burried his face in the pile and started chewing. Olive decided not to wait so long.

It's settled, the cats like bunnies.


At 12:30 AM, Anonymous eskimo said...

I am so the president of the Olive the Cat Fan Club.
So, how is the bunny for spinning? I heard it's not so easy; was wondering how you fared.

At 8:37 AM, Blogger KnitterBunny said...

Hmmm, bunnies you say. I know a bit about those. I am plucking my doe down tonight or tomorrow. More fiber for me, now I just have to have the time to spin it.

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous JessaLu said...

um, is it just me or might it be a little bit dangerous to leave bunnies alone with those two cats...?

At 1:47 PM, Blogger NeedleTart said...

Cats like bunnies the way some of my friends like cats. "of course I love cats. Got any good recipes you want to share?"


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