25 June 2006

Some help, please?

At some point in the recent Vicodin-induced haze I was accepted into the Knitting Blogs webring (Yay!). Rather than freak out at the huge spike in hits on the blog here, I decided to ask all those passing through for a little advice. And you folks that are always here for me? You chime in, too, you hear?

Perhaps you remember the woolly windfall a few weeks ago, where I was gifted with a bin full of Maine wool? After receiving a suggestion from Sharon G. (sadly, Blogger shared no information on her) that the Dulaan Project needs wool warm stuff, I emailed Ryan to see if they still were accepting. And they are! The reports of them refocusing on other needs was true at the time, but apparently the response was so great they're keeping it open for another year or so.

Still with me? The question is this: Some of the wool is scratchy, so I won't use that for next-to-the-skin stuff. All of the wool, though, (now that I use it) is greasy. Now, this isn't a bad thing--my hands are soft now--but I was wondering if I washed it, would the scratchy go away? All the wool smells strongly of sheep, so I was going to toss it in some warm soapy water, anyhow.

Any thoughts?


At 10:02 AM, Blogger KnitterBunny said...

Interesting idea. I'm not sure how much of the scratchiness would wash out with the lanolin and other grease components.

I'm glad that you have found an outlet for the wooly goodness. :)

Keep getting better.

At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Jo said...

Washing is likely to soften it a bit as well as make it less stinky :) If you're gentle you might not lose much lanolin.


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