24 June 2006

Some reasons

Some reasons why Vicodin and knitting are not mutually compatible:

1. It is possible that your ability to make good color choices can be affected.

2. Lace, even easy lace, can be a bit of a challenge.

(It may not look like it, but I took Netter's advice and Eskimo's encouragement and went from memory. It was quite exciting.)

3. Ankle socks, in 100% cotton, (worsted weight, no less) seem like a supremely good idea.

4. The fourth time you attempt to kitchener the same toe should be a clue to wait until you're not high on painkillers.

I have noticed how easily amused I have become.

This little bunny has been solely responsible for decimating most of our garden. Isn't it cute, though?? He/she was just two feet from the porch doors and I would have given anything for it to hang around longer (except Chucky's beans. He's a bit cranky about it eating the beans.) I thought of you, Knitterbunny.

Thanks for all the good wishes, all of you. I'm still trying to catch up with all my email. Thankfully, it is back to the regularly scheduled kitting and blogging for me.


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Kelly said...

Glad your feeling better! I love the colors of your wash cloth and that is a very cute bunny.


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