14 July 2006

It is with great trepidation

I feel a bit nervous here, now. Like I've gone back to my old high school, and things have changed (though not nearly so much time has passed as that). Time off from the blog--a no guilt, no plans to come back soon kind of time off--has been, well, different than I expected.

I think it has been good.

So what has the Cygknit been up to? Knitting? Spinning? Maybe a little, but not nearly as much as I'd like. Pics to come soon, though. I was going to take some last night, but the light was so wretched. I got sucked into my frustrating pointles mind-numbingly dull homework, too, which has effectivly killed my free time this last week. Not that I'm bitter about it, mind you.

When I wasn't doing the *expletive deleted* homework last night, I was dithering about a third class in the fall semester. I did three in the spring but was just working part-time. Would full-time work and school drive me nuts? Listen in on the conversation in the CygKnit household:
Me: Should I take another class?
Him: harrrph
Me: Seriously. Financial implications are your department.
Him: It is up to you.
(note the excitement in his tone)
Me:I wouldn't have time to knit.
Him: (Raises head) Do you know what you're like without caffiene?
Me: Not pretty, I know. But I'm not like that with knitting, am I?
Him: No, no, no. You need fiber interaction each day. You're cranky without it.
Me: I'm not that cranky without knitting.
Him: Not just knitting. Fiber. Fiber of any kind. You need it.

There you go, folks. Fiber: The next drug. What will the Surgeon General have to say about this?


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Netter said...

Don't let school interfere with fiber. I become like my two-year-old if I don't have some fiber everday.

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous eskimo said...

I say fiber wins, too. You have found your mantra of spin, draft, spin, draft, or maybe it's knit, purl, {k2togtbl, yo} twice, whatever. You've found something that will keep you sane without slowly killing you (or quickly killing you, in the case of sdventure freaks). School isn't going away. Eventually, at your rate, all fiber bearing animals will be endangered.
So, yay, fiber!
Don't be so hard on yourself; the schooling (while necessary and delightful) is a stressor for you, and the fiber is the relief. Do not get more sress without more relief, and there isn't time for both. Not on this 24-hour-a-day circadian rhythm.

At 1:49 PM, Blogger KnitterBunny said...

Cranky people without fiber are not fun. Come back to the fiber.

On another note, I too will be takeing classes this fall, juggling a 40 hour job, rabbit judging commitments, the animals, and of course the fibery things. I feel your pain.

At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Kelly said...

I think everyone needs a little me (fiber) time everyday. I know I'd be pretty darn cranky with out it!


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